You may contact anytime on +351 966 890 639
No. Your credit card or debit card will only be charged, once you Proceed to Checkout of the reservation procedure or speak with a representative from our company to finalize your reservation and to discuss the best possible rate.
Yes, you may select two type of insurance cover, there is the Standard Obligatory Basic Insurance named CDW with an excess from 1000€ to 2500€ depending on vehicle model. This cover is auto selected by default. Alternatively you may select SCDW ( Premium Insurance Cover) with zero liability.
We have two different type of insurance: The CDW (Basic Obligatory Insurance Cover, auto selected by default) with an excess chargeable of 1000€ to 2500€ depending on vehicle group. The SCDW ( Premium Insurance Cover) activated only by the Client during the booking process, waiving the excess amount. However it will not cover the Driver in case of negligence or misconduct forwarding full responsibility to the Driver for the total amount of the repair.
Yes, in case of the CDW, an obligatory fee will apply depending on vehicle model from 1000€ to 2500€ In case of the SCDW an obligatory fee will apply with the maximum penalty of 250€
CDW Basic coverage insurance where an high excess fee will apply from 1000€ to 2500€ depending on vehicle model. SCDW Premium coverage insurance waiving the liability to zero, however full charge will apply to the Driver in case of negligence or misconduct of the Terms and Conditions specified in the Rental Contract Agreement.
We have GPS System for renting, WI-FI spots and Baby chairs.
You may chose from debit card bank transfer or cash on delivery.
We are located in Funchal area, but we may deliver the vehicle anywhere.
We may deliver the car at the airport, in the hotel or at our main branch office in Funchal city.
The car rental tax is not under the company control but it is exclusively government imposed, that is currently set at 22% Tax.
SCDW your liability will be 250€ in case of any accident/damage. This amount is a fixed penalty. SCDW is an extra cover protection that will waive your fixed liability from 250€ to ZERO. All bove covers will be automatically canceled in evidence of alcohol, driving vehicles off-tarmac roads