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Have you Tried the “Monte Sledges” Transportation?

Have you ever tried this kind of Transportation? You´ll me amazed with it! Unmissable experience for sure!


That is a fantanstic form of transport, made of local basketwork,  made of wicker and wood, 2 seater,  definetely one of Madeira Islands attractions very famous sledge rides.

Engine size? What for, powered by two strong carreiros, the famous sledge drivers, wearing white uniforms and straw hats, all controlled by their hands and boots, working as breaks .

Trip starts from one of hills, called Monte, and go down all way, 10 min trip, ride distance of 2 km, you´ll certainly enjoy a good experience all filled up with pure emotion guaranteed.

Logicvally in order to catch theis endemic transportation, you will need to get a bus service or perhaps rente one of the local low cost car rental in Madeira Island, Express Car Rental, affordable low cost car rent.

Hope you enjoy the ride…

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