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Rent a car

How To Rent A Car in Madeira Island, without feeling you´ve been ripped off

Yes that sounds a pretty nasty phrase, unfortunately many situations has been mentioned by our Clients about some of the cheapest online deals.

In case if you wish to explore Madeira Island, best way to go round it in order to make most of your stay in the Island is TO RENT A CAR.

There is many reputable car rental services in the Islands, Express Car Rental Madeira, is definitely a place to make a visit, before you decide anything! We proudly maintain all our fleet in good working order, regularly servicing and cleaning. Most important Express Car Rental when quotes for a vehicle, we mean that price as final, so there is no hidden charges.

Sadly, like anywhere in the globe, there is always a bunch of companies delivering a bad service, always to find ways to increase their margins, looking to find ways only to make more money

We call your attention to some of the Online Car Rental Platform, advertising cars like 3€ per day….yes that is right, 3€ per day! You´ll be surprised by the time you pick up the car, at the airport!  “….your booking is not including Full cover protection, neither VAT charges, you need to pay this…” etc etc, so at the end the car is well over the price you initially paid.

So our advise is:

  • Make sure you read the small print,
  • We recommend not to anticipate payment till you have all your questions properly explained, especially type of coverage
  • Don’t necessarily look for the cheapest deal, the cheaper it gets, the bigger can be the surprise
  • Always ask to have a full coverage insurance, named SCDW, ask always or try to negotiate with ZERO Excess if possible, or minimum exchange

Well these tips will surely help you save you money by anticipating those situations. Feel confident when you rent one of Express Car Rental cars, here you´ll find a reputable company, we always try to keep our prices low and in the same way, we pride ourselves for an excellent service at all times.

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